[BS/RBS list] The Bris Experts

Miriam Kaplan miriamkp at netvision.net.il
Sun Jul 19 14:53:44 EDT 2015

If you're making a dairy simcha, whether it's a Bris, Bat Mitzvah or dinner party, we're the ones to call. 
Zev: 0526429721
Miriam 0524433597

> A massive thank you and unsolicited recommendation to Impressions Dairy Catering for an amazing job this morning at our sons Bris. There was no hassle - they gave us exactly what we wanted, at a reasonable price. We didn't have to handle the keys, the hall - nothing. Everything was absolutely stunning and unique - we didn't want bagels and cream cheese - they came up with an alternative menu including breads, salads, cream cheese and other goodies. The waiters were not intrusive, but somehow, the trays were filled at every moment.
> I would strongly anyone looking for an affordable and easy simcha to be in touch with Impressions Dairy Catering 
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