[BS/RBS list] ALEGRIA at Kenion Naimi is making delicious FISH meals during the 9 days!

David sunsurfer44 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 19 13:23:15 EDT 2015

Message from Yair and Meir
Too hot to cook?Not eating meat dishes this week?You and your family can still eat healthy wholesome meals.
At Alegria you can choose from - filleted salmon & musht (amnon) - to minced fish balls served in the cook's special sauce.Lots of parve side dishes to go with it.
Mention this recommendation on the List when you go!
Alegria is continuing: FREE MEAL FOR YOUR CHILD
>From 5pm, a child with each adult is given a full meal AT NO CHARGE
with the coupon below.

BUSINESS LUNCH: Between 12 noon until 5pm, we offer you a full business
lunch for only 49sh!

FREE MEAL for Child with an Adult
Until the end of July 2015
(from the ShemeshList)

10% off Shabbat Take Away
Until the end of July 2015
(from the ShemeshList)

JOIN US at our meat and grill restaurant.

MEET OUR MASTERCHEF  Meir who caters a rich and varied menu for
every occasion!

CONVENIENT VENUE inside and outdoors with plenty of parking.

IDEAL FOR  family and guests.

GREAT FOR business meetings.

RESERVE our spacious restaurant for up 80 guests to celebrate sheva
brachot, britot or any special simcha.

HECHSHER Mehadrin Badatz Beit Yosef

OPENING TIMES -Sunday to Thursday from 11am until 11pm
EREV SHABBAT TAKE OUT - Friday from 8am until 2pm

Naimi Plaza
2, Derech Rabin
Beit Shemesh
Reservations and enquiries:
052-5780011Shemesh Online advertisers

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