[BS/RBS list] #1 Spot for Orthotics (Midrassim) and all other medical equipment

Yehuda Klein eislerbs at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 09:43:48 EDT 2015


Eisler Orthopedic Center in the RBSA shopping center is the #1 place to get
custom-made orthotics!!!

*Largest Selection of Compression Stockings for pregnant women in Beit

Eisler Orthopedic Center, located in the center of Yerushalayim, now has a
branch in the RBS A Shopping Center. Eisler Orthopedic Center has been
specializing for over 60 years in supplying and manufacturing all kinds of
orthopedic and medical devices. We have a wide range of hard and soft
supports including:

-Back belts

-Back supports for chairs

-Elbow, wrist, knee and ankle braces

-Sleeping pillows

-Compression stockings for pregnancies and varicose veins

-Both PT and OT aids

-And other devices that are both pre-and custom-made

We also specialize in crafting custom-made insoles (Midrassim) using a wide
range of materials to best deal with your specific problem.

There’s also a selection of high quality orthopedic shoes (both sport and
dress) for men, women and children, with new styles coming in weekly. We
advise which shoe would be best suited for your specific needs and/or

The Center is run by Yehuda Klein

Yehuda studied Physical Therapy in Ben-Gurion University in the Negev.

Come in today for a free consultation. (Please call first to confirm that
Yehuda is around)

Location: Nachal Nitzanim 12, RBS A Shopping Center (Next to Photo First
and Nir’s Barber Shop).

Phone: 02-995-2030

Hours: S-TH 9:30-19:30

            FRI 9:30-12:30

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