[BS/RBS list] RAV MOVERS (Rav Movil) Moving with the Times

אבינועם שמש aviartli at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 05:37:54 EDT 2015

RAV MOVERS (Rav Movil) Moving with the Times

RAV MOVIL, the well known moving company, has now relocated to Ramat Bet
Shemesh Gimmel.
Now we can help you in moving your home or business contents to your new
location with greater efficiency!

Supplying our local clients with moving boxes to prepare for the move, we
offer optional packing service in advance, furniture assembly,  storage
facilities and we use a crane when needed.

We are English and Hebrew speakers, use professional carpenters and movers
and employ only Jewish staff
Fully insured, we will handle your goods with great care.

You are welcome to contact us for advice and a free price estimate.

Avinoam Shemesh
Rav Movil
02 992 3002
ravmovil at gmail.com

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