[BS/RBS list] Mezuzos and chesed

sethgrossman3 at gmail.com sethgrossman3 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 04:15:12 EDT 2015

I have a friend who happens to be a sofer (and Rbs resident) and is struggling mightily to make parnassa. He writes beautiful mehudar mezuzos. While he is of sefardi  lineage - he mostly writes Ashkenazy mezuzos  but can do either I took a picture of one of them and can send to anyone interested. While I am not personally an expert I am somewhat well versed in these matters - they seem to be of the finest quality and buying from him would also be a tremendous mitzvah. The official price is 300 shekel per mezuzah...bulk rates available 

Please email me if you want me to email you some pictures of a sample mezuzah


Rbs resident 

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