[BS/RBS list] Fwd: Pilates, Dance Class and Nutrition for women and girls (private/group)

Hodet Ziegler hodetklein at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 04:10:43 EDT 2015

*Offering Pilates and D**ance Classes for girls and women*

Registration Now open for next year!

References available from happy and satisfied clients

No limit of age or excuses


We have been provided with a home for our soul. Take care of it!

*Group Types:*

***Pilates* - an incredible one hour class that will change your life,
spirit and body. Get an incredible workout without barely feeling it and
having fun. Change your body into a lean, strong, and centered machine.
Private or small groups of Pilates at your home or on location.

*** Personal Training *- Private and Small groups - this class is one of a
kind in our area. A unique combination of exercises built from several
genres of movement to work on your body in a way like never before. A must

 ***Ballet Classes* - Beginner and Intermediate for Ages 3 until 120

***Movement Therapy* - Special One on One or Group work based on a
treatment plan specially built for your  or your child's needs and your
concerns. Changing your memory cells from within.

*** Choreography and Improv* - Classes for High School and Women's
choreography workshops for the Neshama. A unique class to connect to your
inner creative self while having fun and getting a great all body workout.

Contact Us To Sign Up


 Hodetziegler at gmail.com

* Teacher: *Hodet Ziegler has trained in Classical Ballet, Modern, Salsa,
Tap, Pilates, Movement Therapy and Nutrition in London, New York and Israel

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