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Sun Jul 19 03:48:25 EDT 2015

(rbsa resident)

This summer treat your camp girls to a fun and professional singing
activity and we'll treat you to a FREE recording session in our studio!

We can learn a new song or jazz up your camp song and learn to improve your
singing through fun (and funny!) exercises. The girls will get to record
the song in our studio FOR FREE and keep it forever as a memory of their
favourite camp!

With over 10 years experience as a choir ​direct​or and voice teacher for
chugim, schools and many camps, you're girls are guaranteed a GREAT time!

For more info, email or call Raya Shulman 02 540 2454 / 058 540 2453​

or email rayashulman at gmail.com​

Happy Summer ;o)
Most Sincerely,

Raya Shulman
The Kol Shira Choir Director
Voice Teacher & Studio Technician

058 -540-2453

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