[BS/RBS list] Wheat Grass Juice to Boost and Clean your system in the Summer Weather

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Summer is an easy time to eat light fresh foods and clean your digestive
For information on the function of wheat grass juice please email for more

Wheat grass is juiced and then frozen into individual servings
sold in one month packages for many satisfied customers.
The price is115 Nis.
A monthly supply is for 3 weeks, as it is taken for 3 weeks and then
the fourth week of the month you do not drink it.

What is wheat grass?
Wheat grass is grown from sprouted wheat berries—the
seed or kernel of the common wheat plant. It is a member of the cereal
grass family, which also includes barely grass, oat grass and rye
grass. Wheat grass is harvested before it becomes the mature wheat plant.
At this
dark green leafy stage of growth, wheat grass looks similar to common
lawn grass.

What is the difference between wheat grass and wheat grass juice?
Just like the juices of other fruits and vegetables, wheat grass juice
is simply the juice of the young wheat grass plant.

The RBS natural way team

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