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Thu Jul 16 08:57:31 EDT 2015

Camp Kee Tov is back

for another fantastic summer 

with our great fun-filled program

Please send an e-mail to dmwapner at gmail.com 

to request more info and/or request a time to register

Run by experienced educators and certified coaches

Put your children in good hands


Boys:  Going into Gan Chova - going into 5th grade

Girls: Going into Gan Chova - going into 6th grade:  Dance Camp

Times: 8:30 AM- 1:30 PM.

Optional Tzaharon: Including hot, nutritious lunch until 4:00 PM

Dates:  July 22 - August 13

2 optional weeks:  August 16 – 20 and August 23 - 27

Minimum enrollment 3 ½ weeks according to your choice

Activities for Boys: Tefilla, Parsha, Pirkei Avot

Character and self-esteem building through learning.

Sports: Karate, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball,

Archery, Arts and Crafts, Baking, 

Storytelling, Drama, Water Games, Chess,

Color war, Hiking, Talent Show and Late Bonfire Night

Activities for Girls: Tefilla, Parsha, Pirkei Avot

Character and self-esteem building through learning.

Dance (Zumba, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Simcha, Ballet), 

Aerobics, Drama, Sewing, Arts and Crafts, 

Baseball, Basketball, Archery, Karate

Lanyard, Baking, Beads, Jump Rope, 

Gummi, Water Games, Chess,

Color war, Hiking, Talent Show and Late Bonfire Night

Loads of toys, puzzles and board games

Spacious, all shaded garden with huge playground

Beautiful, fully mirrored and air-conditioned studio

What makes Camp Kee Tov so special? It is the atmosphere.  It is big enough to have real fun activities, but yet small enough to get a lot of personal attention.  Summer is a time to unwind from all the pressures during the school year and Camp Kee Tov is the place to do that. The campers are generally organized into bunks according to age and gender. The camp is run by the Wapners and it’s like a big family. Every member of the Wapner family participates and brings his or her strong points to the camp.  

Who works in the camp?   Well, there is Morah Miriam who leads Tefilla for the younger children and Parsha and Pirkei Avot for the whole camp.  She is a very warm person with many years of experience both as a gannenet and as an elementary school teacher.  She loves to use drama and knows how to make every activity exciting. Through it, campers gain self-confidence, build character and acquire midot tovot.  Morah Miriam is also the organizer of the camp with a Masters in Business Administration.  She is the ultimate organizer who makes sure that there is a perfect schedule with exciting and varied activities each and every day. 

Of course there is Coach David who welcomes the campers in the morning and makes sure every camper gets safely in the car to take him or her back home.  Dismissal is safe and organized. Coach David loves kids and it shows!  He is always patient and never too busy to replace a forgotten sandwich.  He is not named Coach David for nothing.  He is in charge of baseball and makes sure everybody has loads of fun.  Let’s not forget archery with real bows and arrows. He is also the one who leads tefilla for the older kids in the camp. Every year he gets loads of compliments from happy parents who tell him that their children learned the whole Shmoneh Esreh and Birkat Hamazon at Camp. Another one of the campers’ favorite activities with Coach David is pitta baking on a real taboon.

Morah Zahava, a certified teacher, is the creative mind.  She chooses the project that the campers work on each week.  It’s usually something made of wood or fabric that the campers take home at the end of each week. There is lots of hammering, painting and sewing. The best part is that you can really use the projects.  Morah Zahava is also in charge of many sports activities (soccer, basketball, Chayei Sara) and games.  No bullying allowed!  Everybody gets a turn and enjoys. Of course the campers bake delicious challot. Children who are lucky enough to stay for tsaharon until 4 o’clock get a delicious, well balanced and nutritious meal prepared by Morah Zahava. 

Master Tzvi is Israel’s Tae-Kwon-Do champion and has been teaching Tae-Kwon-Do for many years.  He is a Wingate certified coach and instructor. His students range from white belts all the way through black belts. Master Tzvi is a true role model for the campers. His lessons help improve coordination, balance, motor-skills and raises the child’s confidence. He teaches Tae-Kwon-Do as self-defense and never to be used in an aggressive manner. Teaching children is his specialty and enthusiastic “ki-aps” can be heard from the spacious, fully mirrored and air-conditioned studio.

The other person who teaches in the studio is Morah Ahuva.  She is the ultimate dream dance teacher.  She is also a Wingate certified instructor and coach who teaches ballet, jazz, modern and zumba as well as fitness.  Morah Ahuva has many years experience teaching girls as well as adults. The girls gain in poise, grace and self-confidence.  She choreographs all the Kee Tov dances and knows how to make the girls move and smile! 

The campers show off their talents in the talent show.  Camp would not be complete without color-war and late nights with a bonfire. The campers also enjoy exciting hikes exploring the flora and fauna around the trails of the Bet Jamal Mountain.  

Camp Kee Tov is located in Nofei Aviv. The grounds are fully shaded with huge canopies.  There are loads of toys and games, a Gan-Eden for children!  

Camp Kee Tov is probably the longest running camp in the Bet Shemesh/Ramat Bet Shemesh area.  Many campers want to return to Camp Kee Tov as counselors because they remember how much fun they had as campers. 

Give your child a summer he or she will always remember!

Email dmwapner at gmail.com for details.

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