[BS/RBS list] A massive thank you from Melabev

dalia gross melabevd at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 05:42:56 EDT 2015

Melabev would publicly like to thank all the generous donors for their
prizes at our annual raffle
Thanks to:
Country Bet Shemesh
Super Hatzlacha
Edo Lavi
Dvarim Yafim
 Star Bagel  Broder pharmacy  Sara Baile sheitels   Kosher Casual  Shoshana
Lepon  Miriam Maslin-gentle healing
Debbie Buckman- baskets  glamorous Herrings
 Debbie Buckman famous challot  Pinsky Jewelry
For tickets please contact us Sun.- Thurs 8:30-14:00  02-9994258 or reply
to this email
thank you for helping to support the seniors of Bet Shemesh

Dalia Gross
Melabev Bet Shemesh

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