[BS/RBS list] APPLIANCE SPECIALIST - Clean your A/C and air ducts today!

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Wed Jul 15 02:33:14 EDT 2015

NAS 6/15

APPLIANCE SPECIALIST - Clean your A/C and air ducts today!

Have your Air Conditioners professionally cleaned and maintained by
Appliance Specialist.
Save money on your electric bill, and breathe cleaner air.
Our professional equipment removes mold, fungi and bacteria from your
ducts and system.
We now offer affordable air conditioning maintenance packages.
Visit www.accleaning.co.il for more details.
Call 02-648-2340 or dovidellis at gmail.com to book an appointment.
see our ad on page 104 in ShemeshPhone 2015

SOLAR & ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS – see our ad on page 49 in ShemeshPhone 2015
-  New Thermobit technology
-  Temperature controlled to save energy
-   Ishur Machon Tsomet for Shabbat use
-   Extended life to your boiler

ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE REPAIR – see our ad on page 194 in ShemeshPhone 2015
We specialize in American & European models
Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Dryers, Stoves, Dishwashers,
Make one call and all your appliances are taken care of – 02-648-2340
appsp10 at gmail.com, www.apsp.co.il to repair an appliance or a/c unit

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