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MHD 3/10

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion or something just for
you?  Mercaz Hasefer Hayehudi has a large selection of quality gifts
at reasonable prices.

- Stunning selection of Tefillin bags for Chattanim, Bar Mitzvah,
Challah covers, Parochot.  Excellent embroidery options.  See page 196
in ShemeshPhone.
- Making a simcha? We have a large selection of gorgeous tablecloths,
guaranteed to last, table fringes, runners and accents. See page 118
in ShemeshPhone
- Items integrated with sterling silver from Hatzorfim and Chadad;
magnificent selection of Havdala sets, candelabras, cups, salt shakers
and more. Seep page 202 in ShemeshPhone.
- Crystal, watches, pictures, quality dishes and cutlery sets, jewelry
boxes, silver items, decorative accessories and more. See page 120 in
- Quality Kippot, Talitot, Tzitzit, Atarot for Talit, Gartels,
Kittels, leather bound Machzorim & Siddurim, all at excellent prices.
See page 84 in ShemeshPhone.

We provide quality gifts at excellent prices. We are proud of our
customer service and are happy to help you find the right item to fit
your needs and budget.

Sunday – Thursday: 10am - 1pm, 5pm-8pm (not open Tuesday afternoon)
Friday: 10am to 12pm
Nahar Hayarden 34 RBS B

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