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Two doors from Big Deal


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Don't understand what location you are referring to.

Can you please specify street and stores (which bank for example) it is next to?


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A great place to buy creative arts and crafts stuff and stationery for your kids and you

I happened to pass this store on my way to the bank and popped in. The man running the store is lovely, he is originally from Brazil and has just moved his store to the main road after having been in the car park for a number of years where he was not getting enough visitors. His new rent is very high but hopes that he will be able to stay there

He has some great stuff, a lot of it unique that you cant find elsewhere.

It is a great store for presents or your own personal creative juices and a place to find something to keep the kids buys over the holidays



Maryon Hamburger





Posted by: Bracha <mosbra at gmail.com> 


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