[BS/RBS list] Family Baking Workshops for the 9 days - the Bread Codex

Sheryl Saidel shezles at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 14 00:15:16 EDT 2015

SB 2/10
Looking for a perfect activity for the 9 days or during July/August?

Saidels (Kasher LeMehadrin) has something special to offer you and your
family - The Bread Codex, a new & exciting baking workshop.

Our new summer workshop is a Mission Impossible/DaVinci Code style, action
packed, 3 hour exotic baking extravaganza for the whole family that will
take you to clandestine bakeries in Egypt, China, Hungary and Colombia as
you bake against time to save the world.

Igor Kurchenko, criminal mastermind and alchemist, has stolen an ancient
codex from a secret society of Egyptian bakers, the key to a special bread
formula which will allow him to manipulate people's minds and rule the
world. His only problem is that a piece of the codex is missing! Your
mission is to find the missing piece first, destroy it and save mankind.

The assignment will take you to the clandestine bakeries of the secret
society around the world as you uncover clues to finding the missing piece
of the codex.

Who: Adults, kids, boys, girls, ages 3-99

When: Jul 1 - Aug 31, Sun, Mon, Tue & Wed           10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm

Where: Saidels Artisan Baking Institute, karnei Shomron
(1 hour from Bet Shemesh)

Cost: Up to 3 people in a group - 100NIS/person.
4 or more people in a group - 75 NIS/person

Advanced booking only!

Call 1-800-35-1222 for more details and to order tickets.

Visit www.saidels.com/codex.htm for more info.

Saidel's has a wide range of other baking workshops for all ages which we do
year round, also for birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, workgroup outings etc.
(eg Italian baking, French baking, Challot, Healthy baking, bagels,
flatbreads etc) See www.saidels.com/workshops.htm for details.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Les & Sheryl Saidel
Saidel Artisan Baking Institute
Tel: 1-800-35-1222
Website: www.saidels.com
Email: shezles at saidels.com

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