[BS/RBS list] Rabbi Yehuda Glick and Moshe Feiglin in RBS this Wednesday - in English

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Rabbi Yehuda Glick and Moshe Feiglin (Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and MK)
are coming to RBS this Wednesday (28 Tamuz) to speak and present, on topics
relevant to the 3 Weeks:


7:00 - 8:30 Really Yearning for the Bet HaMikdash, by Rabbi Glick

8:30 – 9:45 Mikdash: A Source of Jewish Meaning, by Moshe Feiglin


You’ll hear a unique perspective from people who know what it means to be
Moser Nefesh.


This Wednesday Night, at Bet Knesset Menorat HaMaor. In English.


Aryeh Sonnenberg


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