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Do you have lime scale in your water system? Is your electric boiler taking
too long to heat the water?

Why pay all that money for mineral or bottled water?

At ASHLEY COLEMAN PLUMBING SERVICES, we can offer you water filtration

WHOLE HOUSE FILTERS - installed on the main inlet to the house. Filters out
dirt, sand, rust & other particles AND softens the water to the house,
protecting all your water appliances.

UNDER-SINK DRINKING WATER FILTERS - connected to your cold water kitchen
faucet, filters out chlorine, bacteria, cysts, bad tastes & odors. Why pay
all that money for mineral or bottled water

We also stock REPLACEMENT filter cartridges for Whole House Filters AND
Under Sink Activated Carbon Filters, as well as in-line refrigerator filters

We DELIVER FREE of charge to your door AND will call you to remind you that
you are due for your next replacement

Feel free to call us for further details

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