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Sun Jul 12 15:57:53 EDT 2015



4 rooms new apt 4200 nis avail immediately


4 rooms garden 4000 nis 





1 room office on Dolev 1150 nis


1 room office on kishon 1200 nis


1 room on Dolev 1650 nis


2 rooms on Uria, 22 sqm,  funished+ back yard 1900 nis


2 room on Ein GEdi 40sqm 2000 nis


2 rooms on Nachshon+ back yard 2000 nis


2 rooms spacious on Dolev 40 sqm 2200 nis


2 rooms new apt on Kishon, new+ back yard 2000 nis


2 rooms 50 sqm normal apt 1st fl on katlav, great view 2750 nis


2 room furnished on Revivim (option for unfurnished, 32 sqm 2000 nis


NEW! 2 rooms on Arugot fully furnished 38 sqm 2800 nis


3 room unit on Revivim, 5th floor +elevator+porch  2700 nis


NEW! 3 room unit on Kishon 5th floor 60 sqm 2700 nis


NEW! 3 rooms unit+porch, like new, renovated on Uria, 3rd floor 2800 nis


NEW! 3 rooms lovely unit on Dolev 2900 nis 5th floor avail now (+elevator)


NEW! 3 room beautiful basement apt on Noam 3100 nis incl Arnona


NEW! 3 room unit on Lachish, ground floor, basement apt 3000 nis


3 rooms 65sqm on Mishmar + back yard, lovely apt, 3000nis incl Arnona


3 rooms on Onld Ein Gedi, lovely apt, ground floor+ porch to the view 3300


3 rooms on Yaale 3350 nis


New! 3 rooms on Kishon, 3rd fl+ elevator 3350 nis


NEW! 3 rooms on Refaim, 3h fl beautiful apt 3500 nis


3 room garden apt on Ramot avail now 3500 nis


NEW! 3 rooms on Ayalon, nice kitchen 3500 nis


4 rooms on Luz (1 small) avail august or sept only 3500 nis!


3 rooms fully furnished on Refaim 4000 nis


NEW! 4 rooms very spacious on Nachshon, 2nd floor+ machsan 4200 nis avail


4 rooms on Micha beautiful apt+machsan avail sept 4200 nis


4 rooms on Uria , new and beautiful, very upgraded, 2 huge 


4 rooms on Sorek 5th floor lovely apt 4000 nis


4 rooms on Lachish upgraded kitchen, spacious apt 3800 nis only!


4 rooms on Nachshon 3rd fl (no elevator) lovely and spacious apt 4000 nis


4 rooms garden apt , private entrance 4000 nis


4.5 rooms prvt entrance garden, upgraded apt! 4600 nis avail August


4.5 room apt on Revivim 2nd floor available now 4200 nis 


4.5 rooms on Lachish 4500 nis 2nd floor, very spacious


5 room spacious apt on Sorek huge porches, elevator 4500 nis avail sept


NEW! Beautiful 4 room apt on Kishon, large porch, great apt! 4000 nis avail


NEW! Beautiful very large 4 room apt on Lachish, huge living room, upgraded
kitchen, huge attic as machsna  (whole roof top) 4200 nis avail now


NEW! 4.5 room super beautiful apt on Nachshon very upgraded and spacious,
1st floor, machsan and covered parking, 4800 nis. (incl appliances and
furniture - 5000 nis)


5 rooms penthouse on Old Ein GEdi, spacious and airy 5100 nis avail


5 room garden apt on Dolev 5500 nis avail mid August or sept, + large porch,
machsan and coved parking spot


NEW! 3rooms on Refaim, 4th floor, beautiful view 3700 nis 


4 rooms 5th floor on Refaim, great location, elevator, large machsan 3700
nis avail August (kitchen and living room are in one big room, 1 full


NEW! 4 rooms garden apt near Dolev and Refaim, 1st floor, large porch w a
view, new kitchen 4000 nis


5.5 rooms on Katlav, spacious living room, huge porch, MACHSAN,  covered
parking spot ad elevator 5300 nis avail august


NEW! 7.5 room duplex on REfaim 3rd floor new kitchen 7200 nis


7 room duplex with huge garden on Dolev,  machsan 11000nis


5 rooms on Maor, elevator, machsan avail oct 5000 nis 


8 rooms on Lower part of Sorek, huge porch 6000 nis


NEW! 6 rooms duplex on Ramat shilo avail sept or oct 7000 nis







4 rooms on Chavakuk 2 storage rooms, coved parking en suit bathroom 3000 nis


4 rooms on Chavakuk 3400 nis


4 rooms on Yoel 2nd floor 3000 nis


4 rooms on Yoel upgraded kitchen 4th floor 3100 nis


4 rooms on Yoel 3rd floor large porch , A/C . machsan 3100 nis (flex)


4 rooms on Achia 2900 nis


4.5 rooms on Chavakuk 5th fl, A/*C, srorage, view 110sqm 3400 nis


5 rooms on Yoel, upgraded 150 sqm 4450 nis


5 rooms on Yoel, ground floor+ garden 140 sqm 4300 nis


5 rooms on Yoel 118 sqm 1st floor 2 potches 4500 nis


6 rooms on Neriah 155 sqm 4700 nis


6 rooms on Neria garden+prorch 135 sqm 4500 nis


7 room pentahouse on Yechezkel, huge 60 sqm porch, 190 sqm 5000 nis (flex)




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