[BS/RBS list] Miriam Bridal Design for your wedding or evening gown

miriam saffer msafferbslist at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 15:46:33 EDT 2015

Great things are happening at Miriam Bridal Design!

I am a Schenkar Bridal and Evening Gown Program graduate, sewing
professionally for over 15 years.

Choose your  bridal gown from our collection of a variety of high quality
styles, or, have a gown custom made for your special day.

Custom made evening wear for your next simcha.

Come in just to get an idea of the style that is right for you!

Lots of references available from many satisfied customers!

Like us at www.facebook.com/MiriamBridalDesign
check out our website at www.miriambridaldesign.com

Hope to hear from you!

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