[BS/RBS list] what has keys but provides no security?

Lou Brifman lbrifman at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 12 15:43:54 EDT 2015

A Piano! 

But if you want security - here is music for your ears!

Shemesh Locks provides professional locksmith service, and home safe sales, to the greater Jerusalem area as well as Ranaana, Ramat Gan, Har Nof, Efrat, Pisgat Zev, Maaale Adumim, Bet Shemesh and more.

Our services :

•    Home break-in service, 

•    New door locks,

•    New window locks

•    Cylinder change outs, 

•    Auto break-in service 

•    New door handles,

•    Door viewers, 

•    Electric door openers for buildings

•    Level crooked doors that do not close properly

•    Shabbat locks

•    The new E-Lock for Shabbat that uses the Rav Bariach Security for your protection

•    Active perimeter home security to prevent thieves from entering your home 

•    And More! 

Lou Brifman
Shemesh Lock
info at shemeshlock.com
054 348 8587

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