[BS/RBS list] Feel Refreshed with -Young Fresh Thai Coconuts. Are you interested?

Rachel Rubin rubinr at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 13:06:52 EDT 2015

Young Fresh Thai Coconuts are Available

If you are interested in buying please let me know.  (I can deliver to
your home.)


all the best always,


02 - 9919-  2 0 8

Young Coconuts have many benefits and are delicious!
You can drink the refreshing coconut water full of electrolytes
straight for the coconut
and enjoy scooping out with a spoon the coconut flesh!

* Coconut Water is full of electrolytes  This makes it an excellent
source of hydration!

Perfect for the summer months - helping you feel young, satiated,
happy, and light!

* and there's no issue with Shemittah as this is imported from Thailand.


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