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Sun Jul 12 11:07:27 EDT 2015

Special Summer Offer!!!

Design a digital album
(could be wonderful as a gift for anniversary or any other simcha)
and get a quality canvas as a gift!!!

Graphic Design:

* Design\Branding,

* Retouching photo

* Digital albums

* Advertising

* Business Cards

* Invitations

* Film editing and banners

  And more...

For more information please call:
054.841.2824 | michal.rubinow at gmail.com

*Private course for Graphic Design:*

This is your chance to learn graphics software - Photoshop & Illustrator,
and develop your talents.
Number of sessions, one on one.

The course is suitable for young girls and women of all ages who want to
develop talent and learn a profession for life.

What is in the course?

* Professional learning of Photoshop and Illustrator.
* Development of imagination and creativity.

For more information please call:
Michal - 054.841.2824 | michal.rubinow at gmail.com

*מיכל רובינוב - גרפיקאית*

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