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Yehuda Biton yehuda.b.clean at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 09:59:09 EDT 2015

*Are you doing construction? Are you moving out of your home? Are you
moving into a new home? Do you just want a clean house?*

*We have a Special Extermination Department*

*Professional Exterminator For All Of Your Needs*

*Licensed Exterminator and Poison Distributor*

*We exterminate against Roaches, Aunts, Spiders, Termites, Bed Bugs, And

*Safe Treatment for C**hildren.*
*Gel Treatment with Gel WITHOUT a Smell.*
*We offer a special treatment for Termites.*
*Treatment for mice and Rats.*
*Have you seen yellow powder, or droppings in your cabinets?*
*Have you seen small holes in your furniture, or clothing.*
*We can help.*
*Call us for an estimate.*
*We are now switching over to GREEN treatment. This is safe for pregnant
woman, children, and pets.*
*All Natural Agents Only.*
*No smell.*
*You only need to leave the house for a very short period of time.*
*Very low poison content.*

*Special Department for those Pigeon Problems*

*We Get Rid Of Pigeons Completely.*

*We do pigeon clean up.*
*We put up wiring, spike, tarps, and mirrors to keep them away.*

*Polish And Cleaning Services*

*House painting.*
*Sheetrock work.*
*Electrical work.*
*Plumbing work.*
*Dud Shemesh.*
*Platot on the Floors and Tiling.*
*Changing screen doors and windows.*
*We fix trisim.*

*We have a special Pergola Department*
*We can construct a pergola of your choosing.*

*Special Prices For A short Time Only On Roofing Work.*

*We can fix your leaks, to rain stains on your ceilings.*
*We can take care of mold issues coming from your roof, and your walls.*

*We can fix problems that you are having with your pipes.*

*All Work Is Guaranteed For 2 Years. We Will Give It To You In Writing.*

For more information, or to set up an appointment please do not hesitate to
give us a call.

For Hebrew: Yehuda Biton - 052-760-1620
For English: Channah Lefkowitz - 052-769-4108

Mishpachat Chovat, 054-842-0958, Crystal, and Cleaning
Yaffa, Hertzaliyah, 054-572-3539, Crystal
Tzipporah, Bat Yam, 054-694-4826, Plumbing
Micha, Beit Shemesh, 054-88-1067, Painting
Rosenthal, Beit Shemesh, 052-768-1587, Plumbing, Building a pergola with a
Dudu, 054-533-6906, Beit Shemesh, Polish
Avraham, 054-574-7760, Yerushalayim, Cleaning a building
Sara, 054-798-9056, Apartment Cleaning
Extermination, 02-992-6369 Beit Shemesh

Many more references available on request. Please contact Channah if you
need references.

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