[BS/RBS list] NOFESH: Make an Offer on Last Minute Cancellation Cabin

yzier ygzier at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 08:05:18 EDT 2015

Taking best offer: Kitron Hotel in Galil (search for pictures online)

One night two days - Wednesday August 5th to August 6th. Come up any time

Luxurious Cabin w/ living room, kitchenette, refrigerator, upstairs loft,
jaccuizzi bath

Hotel Breakfast & Fleishig Dinner

Pool w/ Separate Hours

Nightly Activities/Music/Entertainment

Basketball Court Open Day & Night

Great Location Up North - Close to Everything

Option for Tiyulim or Hasaot to Tiveria

Minyanim and Air Conditioned Hall for Learning

Kashrut BDTz Eida Chareidis and Rav Rubin (Ron Tifer mashgiach)

4 Nights also available from August 2nd for large family - great price.
Full package. Large 2 bedroom cottage. Can sleep 18 people.

Call 053-311-0090 or 052-765-2344

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