[BS/RBS list] recommendation for a great speech therapist in Bet Shemesh

Laurie Marr LAURIE at il.ibm.com
Sun Jul 12 07:32:33 EDT 2015

I want to take a moment to recommend Ruchie Bromberg as an amazing speech 
therapist.  My son went to her with a strong lisp that I was nervous could 
not be overcome.  After a few months of speech therapy with Ruchie, it was 
completely gone.  Moreover, we completed the treatment several months ago, 
and he still has no trace of a lisp in English, nor in Hebrew.

My son was always very happy to go to Ruchie...I think because she 
incorporated games into her therapy with him, made it fun for him, and 
built up his self-confidence as well.  She sped up the process with 
optional homework that she called "home fun", and my son was always happy 
to do it.     I originally reached out to Ruchie based on equally 
wonderful recommendations from people that I knew, and I'm thankful that I 

I know Ruchie works with at least some of the kupot.  Her email is:  
ruchieb at gmail.com

Laurie Kossowsky

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