[BS/RBS list] Mishna Brura Smicha shiur starting new section tonight!

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Sun Jul 12 07:29:12 EDT 2015

Are you interested in taking your Learning to a New Level ?
Are you interested in learning Halacha Lemaaseh ?_*
Learn Halacha and receive a Smicha certificate.
The Mishna Berura shiur will be starting chelek #2 on *July 12/13.*

The same shiur is given by Shmuel Katz either:

*SUN. - THURS.8:45 – 9:45 PM*


*MON.- FRI. 8:15AM-9:00AM*


*on-line, where ever you are in the world*

( the perfect shiur for Travelers: the shiur is uploaded everyday onto
the site, including daily questions, tests and past shiurim)

_Rav Channen, shlit”a and Rav Malinowitz, shlit”a will be giving Smicha to_

_those who complete the program._


1. Come and enjoy the shiur and learn the practical Halachos of day to
day use.

2. Take it to the next level and obtain Smicha. You will be tested
regularly to ensure

you not only learn, but retain the material.

3- On-Line: If you are unable to attend, or you are in Chu”l for
business, you do not have to miss out on a single shiur. Many people are
doing the the entire program on-line, at their convenience.

Shiur will take place at BTYA on Nachal Refaim, RBS-A

_( Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham )_

- speaker system used so that shiur can be heard properly -

For more information contact: Sarah Bauer at _info at keterhatorah.com 
<mailto:info at keterhatorah.com>
<mailto:info at keterhatorah.com <mailto:info at keterhatorah.com>>_( 
058-691-1303 <tel:%28%20058-691-1303>)

or contact directly the Maggid Shiur, Shmuel Katz :katzdds at gmail.com 
<mailto:katzdds at gmail.com>

There is a Fee and Approval needed from Rav Channen, shlit”a, to join
the SMICHA program.

For those that want to start from the beginning of chelek #1, it can be
done as well.

_*One month trial for Free*_

( receive a username and password for free access to the website and
test questions )

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