[BS/RBS list] GIRLS' BASKETBALL CHUGIM! starting from 2nd grade all the way up to high school!

Avi Schneider avi_schneider at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 12 06:49:26 EDT 2015

I am excited to announce that girl's basketball chugim in Beit Shemesh will be offering two new groups starting this fall.  In addition to the 4th and 5th graders, and 6-8th grade groups, we will be starting Be'Ezrat Hashem a 2nd and 3rd grade pre-basketball group and a high school team.   
2nd and 3rd graders:Pre-basketball:  An introduction to basketball, lots of fun games with the purpose of getting girls excited to play sports! We will learn age appropriate skills, run drills and learn about sportsmanship. This chug will take place Sundays from 4:15-5:00

4th and 5th grades:
We learn the rules of the game, practice fun drills, focus on skill building, and teamwork.   Sundays from 5-6 at Reishit
6th,7th, 8th and high school teams. 
All levels welcome! We will meet once a week.  Improving our game in a fun atmosphere.   We will be playing at tournaments a few times a year in Jerusalem (Only female spectators) 
E-mail me at faygie18 at gmail.com (note the e-mail change)  or call 0547-688-422 for more info or to register:

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