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Sun Jul 12 06:16:54 EDT 2015

@@  Did you know??

We supply all makes of computer and cellular phones at the lowest price.

Besides selling all kinds of computers, we rent them out when needed.

We also give clients* Mac technical support*, and offer them a full range
of accessories.

new!!!110v to 220v transformer for all Electrical products!!!

new!!! OTG for iphone 16g/32g

@@  Did you know??

We stock printers, fax machines, inks and toner, cell phones and lots more.

We now do on the spot repairs and I-phone up grading at our new premises.

@@  Did you know??

We deliver to your home or business
throughout Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh.

LOOK US UP IN FACEBOOK! IN "אושר מחשבים וסלולר"

Press LIKE and then when you come to the store we will give you a free gift

---- a set of ear phones for your cellphone, music player or computer !

Come and see for yourself, meet the team, or give us a call.

We try our best to give expert and courteous service.

Many recommendations from the English speakers of the city.


19, Derech Rabin

Pisgot Hasheva (Migdal HaMayim)

Beit Shemesh

02 9910450

050 5227725

oshri6385977 at gmail.com

ShemeshPhone and Shemesh Online advertiser


*אושר מחשבים וסלולר,כל פתרונות המחשוב...*

*www.osher4u.co.il <http://www.osher4u.co.il/>*
*info at osher4u.co.il <info at osher4u.co.il>*

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