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Alon Frank butcheronline at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 18:30:16 EDT 2015

Dear Friends,

I am happy to present you the new Best Market newsletter of this week.

Limitations are stated on the signs in the store.


Best Market on shemesh.co.il  now:


The store no purchase needed:

Fresh leg quarters Rav Auerbach for 22.90 sh per kilo.

Fresh ground beef Adom Adom Rav Machfud for 44.90 sh per kilo.

Frozen Tilapia 7-9 for 37.90 sh per kilo.

Osem ketchup for 8.90 sh per kilo.

Cheerios cereal yellow box 340 grams for 12.90 sh.

Ocean Spray craisins for 7.90 sh.

Sandwich cookies Double for 10.90 sh.

Vitamintchik 1 liter for 9.90 sh.

Garbage bags 75x90 for 9.90 sh.

6-pack Neviot mineral water 1.5 liter for 9.90 sh.

5-pack Sano tissues for 10.90 sh.

Mix Megadim 390 grams Elite for 21.90 sh.

Glade air freshener for 13.90 sh.

Tara choco moo 2 liter for 13.90 sh.

6-pack Sano paper towels for 8.90 sh.

For club card holders only and no 79 sh. minimum purchase needed:

Pereg schnitzel bread crumbs for 9.90 sh.

Di Nicola pasta sauce for 9.90 sh.

Schweppes lightly sparkling 1.5 liter for 4.90 sh.

Lily toilet paper 18 rolls for 19.90 sh.

Muller mix yogurts 3 for 12 sh.

Willifood Manat Hashef instant noodles for 2.90 sh.

Taaman sliced mushrooms in can 400 grams for 3.90 sh.

Walla grape juice 1.5 liter for 15.90 sh.

Ritz paz floor cleaner 2 liter for 14.90 sh.

Yad Mordechai olive oil 750 ml for 28.90 sh.

Persil laundry detergent gel 3 liter for 24.90 sh.

Pizza Margherita 9 units for 17.90 sh.

Vegetable department:

Fresh mushrooms for 6.90 sh.

Hermon apples in bag for 3.90 sh per kilo.

Melon for 2.90 sh per kilo

Butternut squash for 23.90 sh per kilo.

Shavua tov !

Alon Frank

Best Market

Nachal Dolev 19 (Park Center)


Tel: 02-6335809

Opening times:

Sunday till Wednesday from 8 AM till 22 PM.

Thursday from 8 AM till 23 PM.

Friday and arvei chag from 7:30 AM till 15 PM.

Motsae shabbos 1 hour after shabbos till 23:00 PM.

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