[BS/RBS list] Fwd: Summer Water filtration Special Offers

Yosef Raymond yosefraymond613 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 17:01:15 EDT 2015

Yosef Raymond
  *All Plumbing work undertaken *
Specialists in installation and maintenance of great quality under sink and
whole house *AMERICAN *water filtration systems.

*A) Get one  free filter change included  with a purchase of a new
filtration system*

*B) Get 50 shekels discount on your filter change ( For new customers with
a pre-existing system that you would like serviced by us.)*

*C)5 years Full warranty and servicing in writing with ANY filtration
system.(Warranty excludes faucet & servicing excludes filter changes)*

*D) Refer a friend and receive 100 shekels discount from your next filter

*Whole house  sediment / scale filters, (great for prolonging the life of
your appliances / boiler efficiency etc).
 *Most filter changes & maintenance for your existing units. American,
European, Israeli etc.
*1,3 & 4 stage drinking water filters
* 5 & 6 stage Reverse Osmosis
 * Ultra Violet anti bacterial systems
* Mini Bars / Floor standing for the office
* Mini bars with a hechsher for use of cold water on Shabbos (Rav Halpren)
* Under sink chilling / hot water units

  Does your filter company charge too much for your filter changes? Are you
unhappy with the taste of the water?  Do you own a filtration unit that you
arn't sure what to do with? Are you tired of shcleping and storing bottled

 Are you Renting a Dira? We have systems that don't require permanent
*Our Systems & work come with a full two year guarantee.*
If you would like to sample a taste or if you would like any information at
all, please call on 0548 413 025 or email yosefraymond613 at gmail.com
 Local RBSA resident, Plenty of satisfied customers in the BS, RBSA & B ,
Yad Binyomin area.
 Shemesh phone advertizer, page 28

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