[BS/RBS list] New Drivers Licence Transfer

Shlomo Walfish shlomo at aishorchestra.com
Sat Jul 11 15:18:22 EDT 2015

My daughter is traveling to the USA this summer
and would like to get an American Drivers Licence while there.
This seems like and easier process then getting one here in Israel.
If she gets the licence in the USA...

1. After she returns, can she drive with the American licence even though
she is an Israel citizen?

2. Either way if she drives or doesn't with her American licence in Israel
can she wait say 6 months or a year and then convert her USA licence to an
Israeli licence
by only taking the medical exam and road test?
or must she take the Israeli theory test and the 28 lessons as if she were
a new Israel driver?

All input is welcome.

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