[BS/RBS list] Sweet KITTENS to Give!

Sharon Shahrabani rentbetshemesh at 013.net
Sat Jul 11 15:13:10 EDT 2015

Hello Mothers!


The lovely female smart and obedient cat in our back yard had 6 sweet little
kittens half males and half females! 


If you have a back yard this is a harmful, inexpensive to feed, obedient and
even useful animal that your little ones can enjoy just looking at and
holding sometimes! [It gives my children a lot of interest - especially
during the summer! - to feed, to watch, to play with..]


We never meant to adopt a cat, she just came to our back yard when she was a
baby, but my children really enjoy holding her and taking care of her.. {by
the way if you take a male you have no problems and if you take a female its
easy to spay. I understood it is permitted. Unless you want to have kittens


If you want to come and have a look with your little ones, they are very
sweet! You can look and decide later!


We live on Dolev 28 come when ever you like, one flight down!



02-9999503 or 

Yosef Chaim 054-8517135 




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