[BS/RBS list] Pure Delights Bakery

tsivya tsivya18 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 11 14:03:32 EDT 2015

The 3 weeks are a perfect time to concentrate on improved health. Try delicious and nutritious gluten free baked goods.
Pure Delights Bakery is the only place in the country baking with almond flour and boutique honey as a base. No junk like the store bought stuff. AND, we are the SAME price as much of the stuff in the stores which use cheap, non-nutritious ingredients AND our stuff is DELICIOUS!.  
All B"Datz ingredients. All parave. 
 To order, please reply to this email or call 02 992 3925 and leave a message.

In General: there are 11x muffins in a container, 21 cookies in a container.

 47 NIS:
>> Apple muffins
>> Zucchini muffins>>Carrot muffins
>> Lemon cookies-vegan

50 NIS>> Melt in Your Mouth Peanut butter fudge-vegan
> 52 NIS:>> Blueberry muffins-no oil>> Peanut butter cookies-vegan, no oil>> Jelly center cookies>> Sesame/tehina cookies-vegan, no oil>> Bread

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