[BS/RBS list] Excellent Deal on Apt + Rental Unit in RBSA!!!

lepon at 012.net.il lepon at 012.net.il
Fri Jul 10 09:34:27 EDT 2015

In RBSA! 165 sqm  for only 1,800,000 NIS?
Selling for ONLY 10,900 NIS per sqm (compare at 12,500 - 13,300 NIS).

In RBSA: 4.5 rm home of 130 sqm + a 35 sqm rental unit.
Home is not finshed. Will be worth minimum 2,100,000 NIS when done.

Legal extension already built but not finished. All permits and plans in place.
Kablan in place to finish for total of 250,000 NIS including all costs (kitchen, tiles, fixtures, etc.). Estimated maximum 6 weeks to complete.
Rental unit can bring in 2500 - 2800 NIS a month. This covers a mortgage of 500,000 NIS!
Option: Extension can be added as 2 more large bedrooms to make home of 6.5-7 rooms.
Property AS IS for ONLY 1,500,000!
For Rent in Aleph:
Micha - 4 rms, 2nd flr. In good condition. Nice neighbors. Quiet. Near park.
4250 NIS
Agent's fee applies
Shoshana Lepon
lepon at 012.net.il
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