[BS/RBS list] Donate to Ezrat Achim Sweep in Shekels? By Credit Card?

Sue Bernstein sue.bernstein17 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 05:20:42 EDT 2015

Would you or your sponsors like to donate in shekels? Here's how:

1. *Give *your donation directly to Ezrat Achim, Lachish 2 Ramat Beit
Shemesh. Specify your shekels are for the Supermarket Sweep Special Needs

*Even Easier!*

*Call in Credit Card donations to *

*Miri Kahn 052.764.7895  8:30-1:30. *

2. *Add *the donation to your Campaign as an OFFLINE DONATION. Simply log
in to your Campaign site. The donation section at bottom has fields for

*Need help? Contact Sandy at  sungar at gmail.com
<sungar at gmail.com> or 054.947.2199*.

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