[BS/RBS list] ISO TARBUT HADUYIR legal advice - what are the rights in case construction takes place in one's apartment for general consturction?

Alex Koroukhov alex_kor25 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 05:20:36 EDT 2015

Dear listland,Please advise when can one get legal advise and consultation for Tarbut Hadiyur related issues. I know that Tarbut Hadiyur provides such a service (or so I have heard) - in such case who can get this help: only the Vaad/ house representative or any other tennant of the house belonging to this organization?Is there any additional legal advice one can get from any other lawyer for the Tarbut Hadiyur related questions, besides their lawyer?
And also to be specific here - which rights does a tennant have,if the houseĀ belongs to the organization, in case the tennat's private property must be used for the purpose of construction (may it be urgent or not) of a Rechush Meshutaf (or I guess its called Collective Property in English)?

Thank you all very very much in advance,Alex

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