[BS/RBS list] SPECIAL! 5% discount on everything at Saidel's this week

Sheryl Saidel shezles at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 8 11:50:57 EDT 2015

SB 1/10
SPECIAL! 5% discount on everything at Saidel's this week
Enjoy an "across-the-board" discount on all our products this week, challahs, breads, cookies, pies, quiches, flour - everything!
Please note that this discount is only given at the actual time of billing. It will not appear in the order or your order confirmation email.
Saidels (Kasher LeMehadrin - Parev) makes 8 different kinds of challahs, 4 kinds of challah rolls, wide selection of health breads (including NY rye, a range of spelt breads & Oats bread), bialys, bagels, APPLE PIES, scrumptious cookies, large quiches and a large selection of organic flours for all you home bakers (including sifted white non-organic flour).
To see more details or TO ORDER, visit our website http://www.saidels.com or call 097941222
We deliver to Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh every Friday. We have pick-up points in both places or we can deliver to your door (for a 10 NIS delivery fee).
Our pick-up point in Bet Shemesh is at: Shoshana and Chuck Levine, Rechov Shimon 66 (Sheinfeld cottages), Tel. 02-9992670, between 12:30-14:30. PLEASE PICK UP PROMPTLY BETWEEN THESE HOURS, or call if you can’t come on time. Our pick-up point in Ramat Bet Shemesh is at:Hadine and Uri Gordon, Nachal Shimshon 12/1.Tel: 9997643.  13:30-15:00
Shabbat Shalom Les and Sheryl SaidelSaidels Artisan Baking Institute Tel: 09-7941222http://www.saidels.comshezles@saidels.com

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