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Wed Jul 8 07:50:08 EDT 2015

1/10 jsp
4 rentals available
1) Dolev ground floor 5 rooms with huge huge salon and stunning view 7000nis
2) Uriya 9 rooms newly rennovated 9500nis
3) Ayalon 3 rooms 3600nis
4) Habesor 3 rooms 3500nis

Please note this is 20 out of our full list of 120 apartments, please call
for details of others.

1) EXCLUSIVE Dolev 4 rooms newly rennovated to a high standard sukka
balcony with panoramic view of the rolling hills 1430000nis

2) Timna 3 rooms 3rd floor nice condition, great for a young couple or
investor 1150000nis

3) Mata 4 rooms 1350000nis flex low floor MUST SELL

4) EXCLUSIVE Mata 4 rooms with 80m garden and seperate office must be seen

5) Luz/Yarkon 4.5 rooms with 35m option with permits MUST SEE 1550000nis
amazing potential

6) New Ein Gedi triplex 6 rooms with options, 4 balconies with views
great condition 2300000nis

7) Katlav 4.5 room renovated duplex with 50m garden with view 1680000nis

8) Nachshon 5.5 rooms stunning condition with great view 1770000nis

9) Arvot Hanachal 4 rooms plus rental unit 5% return, roof option 1450000nis

10) Revivim 4.5 rooms 1450000nis large salon and 20m expansion option

11) Dolev 4 room penthouse 1350000nis great condition nice view

12) Old Ein Gedi 5 rooms with 50m garden and balcony only 1450000nis

13) New Ein Gedi ground floor 5 rooms and 30m rental unit 2100000nis

14) Lachish 6 room duplex 1750000nis with view

15)  Timna 5 rooms with large balcony, excellent condition low floor

16) Lachish 4 room duplex in stunning condition, great view 1550000nis

17) Nitzanim 4 rooms 2 balconies and view, rental unit 1450000nis

18) Refaim 4.5 rooms with view, newly renovated great location 1550000nis

19) Sorek 3 rooms with option 1190000nis

20) Shvil Hagichon 5 room duplex with 3 balconies and amazing views

Call 0544 513847

Dear Homeowner, We currently have many customers looking for good
apartments of all sizes all over RBS. Please be in touch and find out
what we can do for you. We can sell your apartment with you having
peace of mind and a hassle free experience. References available.

Call 0544 513847
USA clients 914 294 3873
UK clients 0203 734 2071


'Exemplary and menschlich at all times' H.A RBS


'Exemplary and menschlich at all times' H.A RBS

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