[BS/RBS list] FREE CLASSES in Toradojo the whole month of JULY!!!

Yona Morgenstern yona.morgenstern at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 05:58:14 EDT 2015

Anyone want to join in the FREE classes with Ari Fuld today? And the whole
month on SUN and WEND every week Starting with today.

At the gym in the school Jabatinksy off Rehove Rakefet not far from the
library near Givat Sharet.

The classes are today at 6 for under 12 and at 7 for over 12 and women.

I'm going, it's time to work out and learn self Defense !

They are women classes.

email Ari to save a spot for you at ;
toradojo.fuld at gmail.com

Yona Morgenstern

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