[BS/RBS list] Pipe burst

Esther (Ellen) Kolman eskolman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 00:58:51 EDT 2015

If someone can call Mei Shemesh and report two burst pipes on Nachal
Hayarden.  One is between Nachal Maor and Nachal Refaim and the other is
closer to Nachal Shimshon.  It is on the side of the new construction.  The
one between Maor and Refaim is flooding the sidewalk and going into the
street.  The other is smaller and sits back a bit in the bushes.  I tried
calling but my Hebrew leaves a lot to be desired and they didn't understand
me and no one speaks English.  If you need further information, please feel
free to call me.


Esther Kolman


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