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As of today until further notice the Blue & White parking areas have not gone into effect yet.
There will be advertisement in advance as far as all questions that the public have along with the answers, and a number to call as well.

be well kol tuv Shaul
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Shalom uBracha.
I have a few questions regarding the installation of parking
signs requiring payment for certain areas in the city.
Q1: When will metered parking enforcement begin in earnest?
Q2: Will the city hire any additional meter maids for enforcement?
Q3: Will the court hire additional judges to adjudicate additional cases?
Q4: How are we to pay for the parking: parking meters, purchase parking
cards which rub off at local stores, purchase digitally printed parking cards
from electronic dispensers, use smartphone access, use post office
provided digital meter displays?
Q5: Are handicapped drivers exempt from payment?
Thank you in advance for your help.
I would also appreciate an update on the list of items I have submitted
to you in the past.



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