[BS/RBS list] anyone available for a fun family filming project? Shabbat Scene

Rachel Rubin rubinr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 14:54:56 EDT 2015

I'm looking for a family to film a Shabbat table, set with candles,
challot, wine.. etc.. with parents and children (and  guests, friends)
dressed Shabbos clothing.

It can be a simple Shabbat table in a simple home or a very elegant full
We would film kiddush, bracha hamotzie, zemirot etc.

This is for an educational film/promotional film for a non-profit

I am not specific about look or ages.  It doesn't have to be actors

For this week Thursday IYH.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Thank You.
all the best always,

Rachel Rubin
rubinr at gmail.com

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