[BS/RBS list] Why purchase your apartment in RBS from DONA?

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Mon Jul 6 05:26:30 EDT 2015

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1. Peace of mind.  When buying an apartment built by Dona, you know that
you are getting quality construction and attention to detail.  With 25
years experience in the industry, Dona has built many apartment buildings
across Israel, including apartments in RBS on Nahal Tseā€™elim in Ramat
Shilo. Dona was founded by Shalom Shay.

2. Great location:  The homes are located at the corner of Nahar Hayarden &
Nahar Hayarkon, close to Ohr Shalom (Rav Soloveichik), Esh Kodesh,
and Menorat Hamaor shuls. Numerous English speaking families have already
purchased homes in this development.  Look out to stunning views of the
mountainous hillside.  A shopping area is being developed a few minute walk
from the apartments.

3. Apartments are already under construction.  You are not buying "on
paper."  Make an appointment and come walk through your apartment.  Many of
the apartments that have been purchased already have walls and flooring.
Get a feel for what it is like.

4. There are over 30 different models / floor plans to choose from. You can
make changes now to suit your personal needs. The development consists of 4
apartment buildings. Each building has 18 apartments.  The apartment
buildings were designed in a way to ensure unique views and a nice breeze
from multiple directions.  Only high

quality building materials are used.

5, Competitive pricing and flexible payment plans.  Set up a meeting and we
will try to create a plan that fits your needs.

Schedule a meeting today and we will help you find the perfect apartment
for you.

Yisrael Nahon
Marketing Manager
rbsa at dona.co.il

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