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Mon Jul 6 04:39:20 EDT 2015

Do you have an upcoming event in your family, in your shul, in your
children’s school, in your Bet Shemesh community that you wish posted
on a Community Calendar?

Want to ensure that your organizational events get the maximum
turnout, that your  simcha guests can all attend your party without
having to choose between yours and other smachot?

ShemeshPhone moderates a Community Events Calendar on its website -
http://forum.shemesh.co.il/calendar.php - for your convenience.

You can join this forum and post events yourself -

We are also making it easier for you to post events.
You can write an e-mail to Family at thebuckmans.com and your event will
be posted for you.

Smachot are posted in an anonymous way (e.g., Sheinfeld area bar
mitzvah, RBS A wedding)

Keep our community in the know of what is going on.

This is a free service provided by ShemeshPhone.

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