[BS/RBS list] Maybe you are interested- items for sale

Tova Persoff mermaid2 at zahav.net.il
Sun Jul 5 16:55:42 EDT 2015

Maybe you're interested in these items for sale :

American Sander  110 volt  100 nis

CD Holder  - wood and metal 50 nis

Car Radio Tape 50 nis  NO DISC

Metal Patio Door Lock  50 nis (unopened package) 40 nis

Window Locks With Key Set of 4  (unopened package) 50 nis

1 Sieve / Colander for pasta- vegetable  (never used) 5 nis 

Set Wood Salad Servers (never used)  10 nis

Hanging  Baskets- color blue (from Ikea never used)  30 nis

Front baby carrier (blue and white)  50 nis                          

Plastic Tupperware rolling pad - parve (used twice) 40 nis

Filter Coffee Machine - RUSSEL HOBBS 10cups MODEL 3310/3311 240 volts- 750
walts    1.3 LT  60 nis

1 small red suit case  50 nis  NO WHEELS 

2 electric shavers-no brand name NEVER USED 60 nis each 

Safety first potty 40 nis

Be in touch if you're interested.


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