[BS/RBS list] Newsletter from Ambassador tours- Reason #1 for using a travel agent

Gavriel - Ambassador Tours gavrielatambassadortours at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 15:59:15 EDT 2015

At Ambassador Tours, we offer many types of travel services: airline
tickets, trip packages (flight and hotel), hotel reservations, group
travel tours, travel and vacation insurance, and other items.

Reason #1 for using a travel agent: We are now fully automated to find
you the best price on your flight. Our office now uses a system that
will search for the best priced ticket on the flight that you have
already made a reservation for. This system is run on a regular hourly
basis. Once a cheaper seat has become available, the system will
replace your more expensive reservation, which is next to impossible
on reserving on the internet.

Ambassador Tours RBS

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