[BS/RBS list] Hasaa recommendation?

Ruth Posner ruth at shemesh.co.il
Sun Jul 5 14:59:40 EDT 2015

Contact Dadon Brothers
​-yes all the brothers work to make this biz a success and with
a good name for good driving, charging reasonable prices.​
Our shul often uses their services
They have luxury coaches
​ and taxis​
​Very reliable-even at unusual hours of the day!
Call the office at 02 9997771​
Or visit the new offices at 19/8 Derech Rabin

See ad in ShemeshPhone
​ for direct phone lines of Ilan, Meir, Yoram and Avi​

Looking for hasaa recommendations (name and contact info) for a one week
program this summer- round trip from Bet Shemesh.


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