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Yedidya Brauner yedidyab at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 13:56:47 EDT 2015

Art therapy Groups forming now for the Fall!
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> > I am happy to announce the formation  of a new art group this year, in
addition to our popular social skills/self esteem therapy groups:
> > >
Art Group for Teenage Girls:

Is your teen looking for a space to explore their creativity?
> >
This art group is for teenage girls who enjoy expressing themselves
artistically in a welcoming,  supportive and of course  fun-environment!
(emphasis for this group will also be on learning awesome art techniques).

** ****

Popular social skills and self-esteem groups:

Designed to help children and teens learn to initiate and maintain
appropriate friendships and improve their self-esteem, social judgment, and
overall happiness.

Art therapy is an enjoyable and effective way for children to make changes
in their lives through artistic symbolic communication and imagination. The
group will meet weekly for an hour and a half starting in September for the
fall/winter session.
> >
> Tziona Brauner has a bachelors in art education and a masters in art
therapy from Lesley University. She is experienced in group art therapy
with children, teens, and adults- and has a proven track record for helping
children and teens express themselves through artistic creations and
emotional introspection.
> > > >
Small groups-limited space available!  Sign up before August 15th and
receive the first session free!
> > > >
> > > > Additional consultations with parents provided.
> > >
> > as always:
> > > >
> > For further information and registration please contact Tziona:
> > Yediona at gmail.com
> > Or call: 0542560126
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > local small business

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