[BS/RBS list] AUDITIONS for The Kol Shira Choir begin now!

Raya Shulman rayashulman at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 12:58:38 EDT 2015

If you love to sing you'll love The Kol Shira Choir!
For 1st grade - 12th grade and ladies!

Here are some things the choir will offer you:

*Develop your voice with our professional voice exercises
*Gain confidence in your singing
*Performances throughout the year
*Record in our studio
*Receive a FREE CD featuring all the songs of the year
*Social outlet to meet musical friends
*Connect to the deeper meaning behind the music with inspiring Divrei Torah

For more info or to schedule an audition please call:
02-540-2454 or 058-540-2453
or email rayashulman at gmail.com

Most Sincerely,

Raya Shulman
The Kol Shira Choir Director
Voice Teacher & Studio Technician

058 -540-2453

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