[BS/RBS list] Ladies Self Help Group

Bonnie Rosenbaum bonnierosenbaum at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 5 07:22:52 EDT 2015

Ladies - Mifgashim (a division of Retorno) is hosting a free, safe, non-judgmental open steps meeting for English speaking women who are coping with addiction and/or in a co-dependency relationship. If you are struggling with addiction or are questioning if you are codependent, this group will help you find the support and guidance you need. 

All are welcome and anonymity respectedThursday Evenings
8:00 pm 
Rechov Ravitsky
Beit Shemesh
Off Rechov Jabotinsky - off Rechov RambamPlease call Nicole at 02-999-6061 between 9 am and 3 pm or Hadassah at 052-662-5229 for more information.Remember, you don't have to be alone

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