[BS/RBS list] Shabbos Menucha Heimishe Catering

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Sun Jul 5 05:09:44 EDT 2015

Shabbos Menucha provides delicious homemade takeaway food for Shabbos, Yom
Tov, and everyday.

We have a full line of Salads, Dips, Sides, Entree`s, Soups, and Desserts.

We also have a COMPLETE Pareve and Milchig Menu. Please place your orders
for the 9 days in advance.

We have a FULL line of Mouth Watering Cheese Cakes
We are available to cater any small simcha.

 All Shabbos orders should be in by Thursday 9am.

All weekday orders should be in with 24 hour notice.

We are under the supervision of a certified Mashgiach. All food is strictly
Bdatz Aidah Chareidut and Harav Landau

Please contact Channah Feiga either by email or phone for a menu.
channahfeiga at gmail.com

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